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Why the Case of Jordanian-Mexican Smuggler Who Transported Yemenis over the Texas Border Is Important

Those who ridicule the idea that "special interest aliens" present any sort of security threat should have attended the press conference I attended yesterday in San Antonio. There, a coterie of ranking, highly credentialed professional homeland security officials gave articulate voice to the often-mocked national security threat issue presented by this unique migration.

The Massive Downside of Matter of M-S-

The employment authorization loophole the president is taking steps to address

To say that the response to Attorney General Barr's decision in Matter of M-S- has been a bit overblown would be an understatement. That said, this decision could come with significant downsides for the rule of law that will likely encourage more aliens to seek to enter the United States illegally.

Idiot Lights Blinking: Vetting Failures Still Favor Lying Terrorist Migrants

New reports keep piling up that asylum seekers and refugees from terrorism-spawning countries have slipped through the U.S. vetting systems despite records of Islamic terrorism. Like episodic idiot-lights on the car dashboard that briefly blink on and then disappear for a while, news reports slowly raise the idea that something is wrong with the system. Somali, Iraqi, and Palestinian Arab refugees and asylum seekers, with terrorism histories they want to hide, keep getting through supposedly advanced security vetting systems put in place after 9/11.

Debating the Path to Citizenship

Blurring the line between legal and illegal immigration

Immigration activists seem to be blind to the fact that if they have their way in the Democratic primaries, many Americans who would rather not vote for Trump will feel that they have no alternative.
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