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Mexico Ends Fast-Track Asylum Visas

A new humanitarian disaster in the offing?

On January 28, 2019, the Catholic News Service (CNS) reported that the government of Mexico had promised "humanitarian visas" to migrants making their way north through the port of Ciudad Hidalgo, on Mexico's border with Guatemala. The visas were good for one year and "allow them to freely travel through Mexico, work in the country and claim social benefits such as health care and education."

DHS Sets Up Fake Visa Mill as a Sting

And how a failure of mine saved the sting from a premature exposure

The New York Times and other papers reported today on how DHS investigators created a phony visa mill, the "University of Farmington", in Michigan, and how they arrested eight recruiters, all with Indian names, who steered at least 600 phony students to the non-existent university. Everyone concerned knew that the "university" was a hoax designed to secure immigration documents, but until this week no one outside the government knew that it was a sting run by DHS.

Demography 101: Flow, Stock, and the Wall

Stout and tall fences and a substantial staff of Border Patrol agents are both very useful. But the focus of our leaders and the press should go beyond the flow of new illegals and instead address the problems caused by the stock of millions of illegal aliens already here.
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