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Somali Smuggler Brought at Least 50 Migrants to the TX, CA Borders

Takeaways from the latest ICE effort to shut down bridges that connect Muslim-majority nations to the U.S. Southwest border

A recent smuggling case shows not only how accused Somali ISIS attacker like Abdulahi Hasan Sharif might have gotten to California, but also how many dozens of others from the Horn of Africa — motivations unknown — actually did.

Judge Finds DACA Violates the APA, but Denies Preliminary Injunction

Issues Presented for Review by the Fifth Circuit

Judge Andrew Hanen issued an Interlocutory Appeal Order Friday in the latest iteration of Texas v. U.S. While he had found DACA likely violates the Administrative Procedures Act, he declined to issue a preliminary injunction, but certified his decision for review by the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.
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