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Mr. President: Time to Pull Out All the Stops on the Border

We need another emergency declaration

Because there is little chance now that the Democrats who control the House of Representatives will either close loopholes that are encouraging UACs and families to enter the United States illegally, or provide additional funding for detention, it is up to the president to use the authorities that he has to address the migration emergency at the border.

Administration Takes a (Commendable) Baby Step Toward Taxing Aliens

Plus other ideas for collecting (or saving) money from immigration

Deep in the fine print in the president's budget message there is a deficit-offsetting proposal that would collect about half-a-billion dollars from the immigration system; it calls for a 10 percent surcharge on all the fees paid by aliens (legal and illegal), citizens, and corporations when they are seeking benefits from USCIS. While the fees would continue to support the work of USCIS, the surcharge would go to the Treasury.

Questions about Family Units Raised by TRAC

Numbers don't add up, and a possible disaster is brewing

A new report captioned "Newly Arriving Families Not Main Reason for Immigration Court's Growing Backlog" raises significant questions about the capability of the U.S. immigration system to process the flood of so-called "family units", parents and guardians entering illegally with children across the Southwest border, which could lead to a humanitarian disaster and a breakdown of our immigration-enforcement system.

Trump's Failings on Immigration

To the dismay of the media and the ruling class, Donald Trump has mostly done a good job as president. The economy is up. Unemployment is down. There has been a decided lack of new Bush/Obama-style military misadventures around the world. It is, therefore, surprising that Trump's greatest failures are coming from the signature issue he ran on: immigration.
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The Senate Nuclear Option and Immigration

If the Senate Republicans realized it was not only useful but necessary to seat Supreme Court justices, and have now belatedly realized it's necessary to get to the many other appointments, judicial or otherwise, why didn't they realize that about legislation generally when Republicans held the majority in both chambers of Congress?
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A Visit to the EB-5 World — Same Old, Same Old

While there is much action in other parts of the immigration field — such as the ever-changing crisis at the southern border — the world of the EB-5 (immigrant investor) program remains remarkably stable. That makes a small group of big city real estate magnates very, very happy. Let's look at the price, beneficiaries, backlog, legislation, regulations, and crimes, in that order.
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