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"...But at Least Sessions Is Attorney General

Sessions's presence in the administration has been consolation for many upset by Trump's various deviations: Trump is an enthusiastic backer and user of H-2B "Fire Americans" visa? Well, at least Sessions is attorney general. Trump promised to end the illegal DACA amnesty, but is expanding it instead? Well, at least Sessions is attorney general.
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Rookie NYPD Cops Make More than Some Ivy League H-1Bs

Approaching a serious problem — the wage-depressing impact of the H-1B program — in a slightly frivolous way, we decided to use a new website to show how the lowest Ivy League H-1B salary offers compare to the earnings of a rookie cop in New York City. We found that a worker would make more money as a first-year cop in the city than in the lowest paid of the H-1B jobs in six of the eight Ivy schools, all professional positions.

When the UN & Locals Disagree on Potential Refugees' ISIS Ties

Earlier today on BBC World News, which has been showcasing the recent recapture of the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS fighters, the presenter spoke of the difficulties that will continue to face the devastated city for many months to come, not least of which is reconciliation between the mostly Shiite central government in Baghdad and the Sunni populace in places like Mosul and Fallujah.

Pressing Sanctuaries to Change Their Ways

Tom Homan, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has promised to get tough on sanctuary jurisdictions that harbor illegal alien criminals and refuse to cooperate with ICE agents by either holding the criminal aliens on ICE detainers after arrest or by notifying the agents of the criminal aliens' release dates from jail, so that they can be taken into custody for removal proceedings.
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