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A Chance to Amend the Violence Against Women Act

Instilling fundamental fairness into the self-petitioning system

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is one of those unusual laws that includes a sunset, after which it self-destructs. It has been that way since first enacted. Most recently, VAWA sunsetted at the end of last year and has lain dormant since that time, awaiting re-ratification by passage through Congress and signature by the president.

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Getting Even Tougher on Recalcitrant Countries

More can be done to return criminal aliens

China balks at taking back its own citizens who have committed crimes in the U.S., forcing their release onto America's streets. Threatening to cut off its access to student visas might well be sufficient to convince the Chinese government to cease its recalcitrance.
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Steve McCraw: Sleeper Candidate for DHS Secretary?

Or border czar?

With the resignation of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the biggest question in Washington is: "Who's next?" Washington is a town of rumors, and one of the most interesting names that I have heard as a replacement for Nielsen is that of a man whom I have known for several years: Steve McCraw, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety.
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