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Does the First Amendment Provide 'Sanctuary' from Removal for Immigration Law Violations?

If the Second Circuit makes the cardinal error of granting Ragbir relief from the immigration laws based on this curious (dare I say spurious?) argument, virtually every deportable alien possessed of his letters will overnight become an activist pundit, sending op-eds and screeds to any written or online publication willing to entertain them, simply so as to shoehorn himself, too, into protection from the consequences of his immigration law violations.

DC District Judge Orders DACA Restoration

If the status of DACA is complicated now for the federal government (and in particular U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), one can only imagine how much more complicated conflicting district court orders will make it. And Judge Hanen's order can come at any time, meaning that a Supreme Court with only eight justices may have to quickly rule on the legality of the program, as Noah Feldman explained recently in Bloomberg Opinion. When it comes to DACA, uncertainty abounds.

The First Step Act, Revisited

I am left with the observation that drafting a good prison or sentencing reform bill is much akin to threading a needle: Aim wide, and you are sure to fail. With carefully re-crafted language, this bill could have been excised of those provisions that potentially will permit thousands of alien felon prisoners to sidestep the reach of federal immigration officials attempting to take them into custody from the Bureau of Prisons in order to deport them. And such amendments would have done no harm whatsoever to the aim of prison and sentencing reform for deserving American prisoners.

Chain Migration Gone Wild in Third Circuit

Sometimes a citizen child can save his or her illegal alien parent from deportation, on the grounds that the deportation of the parent would create an undue hardship on the child. For example, if the illegal alien parent is the sole source of the family's income or the child has a medical condition that is unlikely to be treated in the parent's home country.
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A Brief Chronology of the Sierra Club's Retreat from the Immigration-Population Connection (Updated)

How did we get here? How did one of America's oldest and most highly respected environmental organizations stray so far from their original outlook? It involves activists, changes in leadership, and big money. Here is a brief chronology of how the Sierra Club retreated from its views on population stabilization and immigration.

Some Suggestions Designed to Strengthen the U (Crime Victim) Visa Program

This U visa program has morphed from a sensible, small-scale activity designed to help law enforcement agencies when working with illegals into a huge, largely hidden, backdoor amnesty program. It is another of the cluster of programs that provide large numbers of green cards to aliens not because there is a national need for their presence, or even because of relatives already here, but just because of luck.
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