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The Center for Immigration Studies operates two free e-mail information services (listservs) on immigration policy. The subscribers include most of those involved in the field from around the world, including academics, policymakers, ICE and other agency personnel, journalists, attorneys, activists from all sides, and others.

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Like all large e-mail lists, our services are occasionally mis-identified as spam by Internet service providers, preventing subscribers from getting messages. To avoid this, you should look into adding "[email protected]" to the list of approved addresses in your e-mail program, since that is the address that messages will be sent from. This is sometimes called a "whitelist" (as opposed to a blacklist) and indicates that messages from that address should not be filtered out or diverted to a spam folder. In Outlook, for instance, there is an "Exceptions List," while AOL offers a "Sender Filter" within the "Mail and Spam Controls." Also, you might need to alert your e-mail provider to add "[email protected]" to their own whitelist, in case messages are blocked by their servers.


The Center for Immigration Studies’ site has an e-mail newsletter that “is truly an indispensable resource for those who need to stay on top of what is happening on immigration issues—and not just for Washington or for Washington’s denizens. I consult it whenever I can as one of the ‘required’ stops.”
Demetrios G. Papademetriou, Migration Policy Institute

“Your news service is fantastic and of tremendous utility in my classes.”
Peter Spiro, Temple University Law Professor

“Congratulations again for the newsletter. It is really the best on the world market.”
Patrick Weil, Senior Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund

“Your service is sometimes so good that I come to assume your researchers are omniscient. . .I like the service so much that I come to worry about what would happen if I ever had to do my job without it.”
Ed Hegstrom, Houston Chronicle

“I can say unreservedly that it (CISNEWS) is a fantastic service.”
John Miklethwait, The Economist

“I find your immigration summaries absolutely invaluable in keeping up with news and trends. I generally start every day reading them, and try not to miss a one. They are remarkably thorough. Keep up the good work!”
Mary Beth Sheridan, The Washington Post

“Although several of us on staff regularly read the Washington Post, New York Times and other papers, we find the articles you send absolutely essential in keeping us informed . . . we appreciate the balance you exercise in your comprehensive choice for the list serve. On a topic as polarized as immigration, such balance is indeed rare.”
Martin Ford, Maryland Office for New Americans

“I also want to thank you again for allowing me to receive CIS’ information. Regardless of one’s opinions on immigration, it is hard to argue that your organization is doing an excellent job playing a constructive role in the national debate on this subject.”
Greg Siskind, Immigration Lawyer

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