Border Informants and Immigration Whistleblowers

Do you have personal or insider information concerning U.S. immigration that could help demonstrate:

  • the failures of U.S. immigration policies;

  • the willful neglect of agency responsibilities;

  • the fraud, waste, or abuse of government resources;

  • the scope of the human trafficking crisis;

  • the economic burden on states and municipalities;

  • the abuses of immigration policies and programs; or

  • other harms caused by the legal or illegal immigration crises?

The Center for Immigration Studies can widely distribute your information anonymously and professionally, to the public and Congress, to promote real policy changes to America’s broken immigration system.

Share your information through our encrypted email account: [email protected]

The Center for Immigration Studies (“CIS”) can assist border informants and immigration whistleblowers in many ways, some include:

  • CIS’ legal team can use Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) requests to obtain records necessary to corroborate the source's information while protecting their identity.
  • CIS’ team of investigative journalists can synthesize the source's information into meaningful news stories while highlighting the broader causes and effects of a particular issue.
  • CIS’ media apparatus can widely disseminate the source's information through a variety of different media platforms, including its website, traditional television news networks, social media and video platforms, and independent podcasts.
  • CIS can amplify the effects of a source's information, because being one of the prominent immigration focused nonprofits in Washington, D.C., it has created significant avenues of influence with members of Congress and other policy makers.

If you have information that could shed light on the causes and effects of America’s immigration crises, you’re encouraged to share your information through our encrypted email account, and CIS will do what it can to amplify the information’s impact on altering U.S. immigration policies.