Center for Immigration Studies Staff List

Center Staff

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director
Andrew R. Arthur, Resident Fellow in Law and Policy
Julie Axelrod, Chief Litigation Counsel
Todd Bensman, Senior National Security Fellow
Steven A. Camarota, Director of Research
Jamie Greedan, Program Manager
Bryan Griffith, Multimedia Director
Jerry Kammer, Senior Research Fellow
Cynthia Owens, Director of Administration
Thomas Redding, Research Associate
Nayla Rush, Senior Researcher
Matthew Sussis, Assistant Director of Communications
Marguerite Telford, Director of Communications
Jessica M. Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies
John Wahala, Assistant Director
Karen Zeigler, Demographer

Center Fellows

Don Barnett, Fellow
Dan Cadman, Fellow
John Miano, Fellow
David North, Fellow

Board of Directors

Peter Nunez, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Thomas C.T. Brokaw, Board Member
William W. Chip, Board Member
T. Willard Fair, Board Member
Carol Iannone, Board Member
Kent Lundgren, Board Member
Frank Morris, Sr., Board Member; Founding Board Member
Harry E. Soyster, Board Member
Jan Ting, Board Member
Daniel N. Vara, Jr., Board Member

Former Staff and Fellows

Michael W. Cutler, Former Fellow
James R. Edwards, Jr., Former Fellow
Jon Feere, Former Legal Policy Analyst; Current Senior Advisor for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Preston Huennekens, Former Research Associate
George B. High, Former Executive Director
Rosemary Jenks, Former Senior Analyst; Current Director of Government Relations at NumbersUSA
John Keeley, Former Director of Communications
Janice Kephart, Former National Security Director
Joseph J. Kolb, Former Fellow
Kausha Luna, Former Research Associate
Robert Malloy, Former Research Analyst
John L. Martin, Former Research Director
Stanley Renshon, Former Fellow
Ashley Monique Webster, Former Demographer

Former Board Members

Vernon M. Briggs Jr., Former Board Member; Founding Board Member
George Borjas, Former Board Member; Current Professor of Economics and Social Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Bay Buchanan, Former Board Member
Patrick Burns, Former Board Member
Roger Conner, Former Board Member; Founding Board Member
Ron Foster, Former Board Member
Otis L. Graham Jr., Former Board Member; Founding Chairman
George W. Grayson, Former Board Member; Founding Board Member
Jacquelyne Jackson, Former Board Member
Eugene Katz, Former Board Member
Malcolm R. Lovell, Former Board Member; Founding Board Member
Scott McConnell, Former Board Member
Elizabeth Paddock, Former Board Member; Founding Board Member
Robert M. Sayre, Former Board Member
David Simcox, Former Chairman of the Board of Directors
Eleanor Weinstock, Former Board Member
Dr. Ieda Siqueira Wiarda, Former Board Member
Anita Winsor-Edwards, Former Board Member
Mary Wohlford, Former Board Member