Harry E. Soyster

Board Member

General Soyster was the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1988-91 during the invasion of Panama and Operation DESERT SHIELD/STORM when he served as the senior military intelligence officer for the National Command Authority. He had previously commanded the USA Intelligence and Security Command from 1984 – 88 and served as the Dep. Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army 1982-84. Commissioned in the field artillery in 1957, he commanded at all levels with staff assignments on the Army Staff and Joint Chiefs of Staff. He served in Vietnam as an operations officer in a field artillery battalion. He is a graduate of the National War College and holds degrees from Penn State and the University of South California. After retirement in 1991 he was the VP for International Operations for MPRI until 2004 returning to government as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army for WWII 60th Anniversary Commemorations around the world.

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