John Miano


John Miano, a leading expert on the effect of foreign labor on technology workers, has been a Center Fellow since 2008. His legal practice focuses on U.S. job candidates and companies in violation of H-1B rules. Mr. Miano has 30 years of programming experience and is the founder of the Programmers’ Guild, an organization committed to advancing the interests of technical and professional workers.

Author of multiple programming books, Mr. Miano has also co-authored, with Michelle Malkin, his first immigration centered book, Sold Out. The book examines the impact of corrupt businessmen, politicians, and lobbyist selling out America’s best and brightest by flooding the country with cheap foreign labor.

He has testified before Congress multiple times on H-1B visa issues. Mr. Miano’s opinion pieces have been carried by national media outlets, including USA TODAY and The New York Times. He has also appeared on various cable news shows and been quoted by most major newspapers in the United States and many around the world.

Mr. Miano earned a JD from Seton Hall University and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from The College of Wooster.