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Pelosi's Anti-Merit Metaphor for Governance

Unless the moderate Democrats who form the majority of the party’s membership assert themselves over the open-borders Democrats who dominate the party’s activist base, they will be complicit in a blunder that could well lead to the reelection of Donald Trump.
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Whom Should Our Immigration System Serve?

The question the Kushner-Trump immigration plan puts on the table

To their credit, President Trump and Jared Kushner are willing to imagine a better scenario: better for the system, better for the alien, and better for the American people.

The Media Are (Deliberately?) Confused About Chain Migration

Visas for immediate family are different from visas for extended family

It's hard to avoid the suspicion that reporters' sloppiness about immediate-family immigration vs. chain migration is related to their personal biases. Most reporters and editors oppose the Kushner plan, so negative-sounding claims about it don't raise fact-checking alarm bells in their minds.
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