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The Skill Level of the Average College Graduate Varies Enormously Across Countries

Results provide more evidence that educational credentials are not sufficient for selecting 'high-skill' immigrants

About half of recent immigrants in the United States have a four-year college degree, up from about a third before the Great Recession. Although this trend is encouraging, three recent studies from the Center show that higher levels of education among immigrants do not necessarily translate to higher levels of skill. First, despite their faster educational gains, recent immigrants have not improved relative to natives on measures of income, poverty, and welfare consumption.

Why an Immigration Czar?

Until a cabinet-level Department of Immigration is created, it might help.

If Trump were to create such a position and vest it in someone who is known to speak with the president's voice, can there be any doubt that he or she would be closely attended by whoever is either permanently or acting in the positions of DHS secretary, or deputy secretary, or head of the three agencies within DHS that exist to administer and control immigration?

Aliens in Expedited Removal Not Eligible for Bond

AG reads statute, reverses BIA

Hindsight is 20-20, of course, but if the BIA had ruled correctly on this matter almost 14 years ago, today's border disaster might never have taken place, or would have been significantly mitigated. Many aliens would not, logically, have claimed credible fear if they had known they would be detained until they were either granted asylum or removed.

Expand Expedited Removal, Mr. President

While your new DHS team is still being reassembled to your satisfaction, and McAleenan and others are casting about for ideas, why not direct them to publish the rule in the Federal Register declaring, once and for all, that ER will be applied to the full extent contemplated by the law?
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