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DACA Student under Anti-ICE Terrorism Investigation Chooses Mexico Deportation over Further Disclosure

U.S. congressman wrote a letter on his behalf

Rather than face court proceedings that would further disclose why an FBI counterterrorism investigation has targeted him, San Antonio DACA recipient Sergio "Mapache" Salazar chose to take deportation to Mexico instead.

Blinded by Empathy

Misguided altruism and immigration policy

The concept of "pathological altruism" can help explain much of the political debate surrounding immigration.
Topics: Politics

Grim Advice to Some Citizens Hurt by Some Aliens

There is no entity named the "National Association to Help Individual Citizens Hoodwinked by Individual Aliens" (NAHICHIA), and there probably will never be one, but we at the Center often hear from the injured citizens hurt by individual aliens and, sadly, there is usually little that we can do to help.
Topics: Criminal Aliens
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