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Lawmakers and Journalists Often Have No Idea What They're Talking About

I don't know anything about the military acquisition process, so beyond a general preference for our having the most lethal weapons available and for responsibility in spending, I don't venture opinions on the subject. If I were to write, say, that the Marine Corps should have held onto the 120mm Expeditionary Fire Support System, readers would be advised to ignore my opinion because I wouldn't know what I was talking about.

On Public Radio, Cato Analyst Turns Immigration Statistics Upside Down

Duke University historian Nancy MacLean presents a pointed observation about the Cato Institute in her new book, Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America. She observes that Cato, founded with millions of dollars from billionaire businessman Charles Koch, "would be unbending it its advocacy, whether for taking an axe to taxes, revoking government regulation, ending social insurance, or presenting unfettered personal liberty as the answer to all problems."
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