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Definition of "Family" Expanded for Trump Travel Order

The Supreme Court granted the government's requests to stay two circuit court orders that enjoined those provisions, "to the extent the injunctions prevent[ed] enforcement of [section 2(c) of EO-2] with respect to foreign nationals who lack any bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States." It left the "injunctions entered by the lower courts in place" however "with respect to respondents and those similarly situated."

Was the Russian Lawyer Who Met with Donald Jr. an Illegal Alien?

The person asking if that Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. was an illegal alien at the time is not some lefty Democrat, it is Sen. Chuck Grassley, (R-Iowa), the chair of the Senate's Judiciary Committee.

The senator, of course, used more restrained language, but in his letter to Secretaries Kelly (DHS) and Tillerson (State), there was this text:

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IBM Hits a New Low

When I think of H-1B abuse, I first think of IBM. For the past decade, IBM has been transforming itself into an H-1B bodyshop and now has more employees in India than in the United States.
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Will Guantanamo's Terrorist Detention Center Reopen for Business?

A few days ago, the attorney general of the United States and his deputy visited the terrorist detention center embedded within the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. According to a Department of Justice (DOJ) spokesman, they went to familiarize themselves with the operation there — now down to just a ghost of its former self, after multiple releases during the Obama administration.

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