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Thoughtful Foreign Worker Policy Is MIA in Our Pacific Islands

Here's the situation: Our government senses a "need", or more precisely, a desire, for 4,000 entities at Location A; meanwhile, at Location B, not far away, there is both a surplus of the same entities, at about the 9,000 level, all under government control, and a congressional mandate that the entities on Location B must leave that territory.

You would think that a rational and thoughtful government would meet its needs at Location A from the surplus at Location B.

Data to Support Francis Cissna on Chain Migration

The press is gaslighting the American people

In the 1944 classic film, Gaslight (spoiler alert), Charles Boyer marries Ingrid Bergman following a brief romance and attempts to convince her that she is going insane so that he can discover jewels that he had killed her aunt, years before, to steal. He does this by convincing her that things she sees and hears are not occurring, and that things that she did not do, she did. The movie has entered the world of psychology and pop-psychology as "gaslighting".
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Defense Spending, Guam, and H-2B Visas

The Pacific Daily News reports that USCIS is now allowing the approval of up to 4,000 H-2B workers to support military projects in the U.S. territory of Guam. In recent years, the H-2B approval rate for visas in Guam was close to zero, with the federal government citing "the [Guamanian] plaintiffs' inability to meet the eligibility criteria for the foreign worker program" as the reason for the low number of certifications.

The Immigration Holiday Party

It's the time of year when many of us begin to plan our holiday parties. The calendar year is drawing to a close, there are two holidays a week apart, the sun goes down early, and there's a natural inclination to get together with friends to celebrate the holidays.

US Absent from Mexico Talks on 'Global Compact for Migration'

The Trump administration earlier this month decided to end its participation in the United Nations "Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration" days before a meeting in Mexico City. The withdrawal was to be expected, but by pulling out prior to the multinational gathering, the administration missed an opportunity to make a case to world leaders for its approach to migration.

Here's a New Way to Abuse the Foreign Student Visa

We have written a lot about how both exploitative institutions and conniving individual students have used the F-1 (foreign student) visa to beat the immigration system. A third set of actors recently has come to my attention: employers who take advantage of the F-1 visas to falsely preserve the legal status of a work force that arrived here with different visas.

Pledges to UNHCR for 2018 total $857 Million

U.S. remains the biggest donor, with $133,795,709

Governments last week pledged a total of $857 million to the UNHCR, to assist some 67 million refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide in 2018. This year's pledges are higher than the contributions pledged in 2016 for 2017, which totaled $701,097,142. The United States made the largest pledge in both years: $125,000,000 for 2017 by the Obama administration and $133,795,709 for 2018 by the Trump administration.
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