Op-ed: Legal Immigrants Are Being Hurt the Most by Biden’s Policies

By Andrew R. Arthur on May 12, 2024

Who is being hurt the most by the administration’s rush to give work permits to tens of thousands of inadmissible aliens it’s ushering illegally into the United States each month? Immigrants who follow the rules.

Most in the media focus solely on those crossing the border illegally, which is why last January, the White House began hiding the scope of its border disaster by funneling migrants through the legal ports of entry instead.

That effort was successful until my colleague Todd Bensman blew the lid off a Biden scheme that allows hundreds of thousands of nationals of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela to fly directly to interior US airports, under a policy with the anodyne name “CHNV parole.”

CHNV parole — which Congress has never authorized — allows up to 360,000 nationals of those four countries to enter the United States annually, despite the fact that the Department of Homeland Security recently had to admit that all of them “are, by definition, inadmissible.”

That inconvenient fact aside, each one of them is allowed to seek a work permit here.

As bad as that is, it pales in comparison to a different — and even bigger — Biden scheme you’ve probably never heard of.

It enables up to 1,400 would-be illegal migrants per day (a half-million-plus per year) to schedule appointments at the southwest border ports of entry using the “CBP One mobile app.”

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