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One Chart that Adds Context to the Border Meltdown

Many show up, but few are chosen

I was recently on a chain e-mail with a number of immigration experts who had diverse points of view, discussing whether there really was a "crisis" at the border. One of those experts opined that it is actually a humanitarian tragedy, driven by aliens seeking to apply for legal protections under our laws. This raises the question of how many valid claims there are among the hundreds of thousands of aliens who have sought asylum through the credible-fear process.

Topics: Asylum

June 2015 Rape Case Underscores the Flaws in Obama's 'Enforcement Priorities'

'The evil men do ...'

I and others at the Center have, in the past, criticized the Obama administration's so-called immigration "enforcement priorities" policies, which were laid out in a November 2014 memo from then-Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson. As it related to crimes, those priorities were focused on "convictions", and not charges. A recent case out of Georgia underscores the flaws in those policies, and suggests that they continue to shape the immigration debate.
Topics: Criminal Aliens
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