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Accounting Firms Want to Join a Subsidy Program for Cheap Foreign Workers

It's a typically incomplete (or maybe biased) story about an industry wanting to hire, at virtually hidden cut-rates, skilled foreign workers when there is a surplus of American workers. This time it is the accounting industry making the usual argument that they need more workers than they can find in the United States, and all they want is an ever-so-slight change in the rules to give them these workers at a discount of 7.65 percent from what they would have to pay U.S. workers. (Of course, they never mention the subsidy.)

The U.K. Elections and Foreign Terrorist Threats

As I write this, the last day of campaigning is partway over before Britons go to the polls to vote in the snap election called by Prime Minister Theresa May. May's primary opponent in these snap elections is Jeremy Corbyn of the liberal-progressive Labour party, a leftist against whose die-hard views Bernie Sanders dims to a very pale shade of pink. Before the most recent spate of terror attacks in Manchester and London, the focus was primarily on how the United Kingdom (UK) would approach the Brexit talks — a matter of great significance given the threats from European Union (EU) leaders in an attempt to soften official British positions on such key matters as residual rights of migration into Britain (or not) once it separates from the EU.

Labor Dept. Vows to "Aggressively Confront Visa Program Fraud"

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a press release promising to fight fraud in the foreign worker programs that it helps to administer.These are the H programs for H-1B (skilled workers), H-2A (farm workers), and H-2B (non-farm, non-skilled workers)."We will enforce vigorously those laws, including heightened use of criminal referrals," said new Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta in the press release.

GAO Exposes Massive Increase in Immigration Court Backlog

On Thursday, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued its long-awaited report on the management of the immigration court system by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). The results, as they pertained to the immigration court backlog, revealed significant declines in the ability of the immigration courts to complete cases over the past 10 years.

Thousands of Troubled Former Teens Are Using Up Scarce EB-4 Visas

There is an exploding number of young people getting green cards because they have a particular attribute — they are, in the words of the Department of Homeland Security, "juvenile court dependents". That is how they are described in the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics (Table 7). These aliens do not get anything as minimal as the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) benefits; they obtain full permanent resident alien status; complete with instant legal Social Security numbers, and three to five years later, the opportunity to become naturalized citizens. It also gives them the opportunity to start filing DHS petitions on behalf of their relatives — the term is chain migration.

Stapling H-1B Visas to Foreign Students' Diplomas Still a Bad Idea

A recent policy memo from USCIS has generated some news coverage. It was, as my colleague David North has noted, a small step in the right direction, but many people have missed important implications of the memo.The memo in question adopts as USCIS formal policy the ruling in Matter of A-T-Inc. In that proceeding the employer sought an H-1B visa for a 2010 graduate of International Technological University (ITU).

On Trump, Tweets, and Ground Truths

The Washington Times is one of several outlets reporting on some of the most recent tweets from President Trump. Some recent messages he sent out on Twitter, in which he condemned the dangers of political correctness when they lead to compromises of public safety, may have been prompted by his observation of the multiple terror attacks in Britain in the last several weeks.

Mexican City Tells Central American Illegals to Keep Moving

A councilwoman in San Juan del Rio, Mexico, recently expressed concern over the growing number of Central American arrivals, particularly those who make their way to and through her municipality.Aidee Mellado Resendiz, a councilwoman for the Humanist Party, warned that the municipality of San Juan de Rio does not have the capacity to accommodate the growing number Central American migrants who illegally migrate to and through Mexico in search of work.
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Feds Continue Funding Sanctuaries to the Tune of Tens of Millions of Dollars

Don Rosenberg is the father of a young man who was killed by an illegal alien initially held on criminal charges by police, who chose to release the alien to the streets rather than into the hands of immigration agents who wanted to initiate proceedings to deport him. It was this failure that led to the son's death. It happened in San Francisco, that model of progressive thinking, which has more than once done this with similarly disastrous results to its innocent citizenry.
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