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As African Immigration Has Grown, Education Level Has Declined

When the African immigrant population was much smaller, it was much more educated, most having come as foreign students or to fill skilled jobs. As family-based immigration began to dominate the flow of new arrivals, along with the visa lottery and refugee resettlement, the education level of this population declined dramatically relative to native-born Americans.
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Bill Clinton, Immigration Hawk

In the wake of the president's "bill of love" comment at the televised meeting with members of Congress on DACA and the release of the White House immigration framework to amnesty the DACAs (plus a million more illegals), I've joked that the "J" in Donald J. Trump really stands for "Jeb".

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What must be in any DACA amnesty bill

Trump’s immigration principles and priorities offer a clear guide

The White House last week released its “Framework on Immigration Reform & Border Security,” the president’s proposal for providing status to aliens covered by President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

MAGA: "My Amnesty Give-Away"

How Did We Get Here?

It would appear that this president, who campaigned on promises to restore integrity to the immigration system, is quite possibly set to preside over the largest amnesty ever seen in this country, perhaps even the world.

The Art of the Choke

The White House immigration outline was released today and it's not good. It could change tomorrow, for all we know, but as it stands now, this is a preemptive surrender on several issues.

The enforcement component is fine, as far as it goes – there's no E-Verify, but the White House decided months ago not to push that, thinking it would be a bridge too far for Democrats, since it impacts illegals who are already here.

A Peek into the Democrats' DACA Playbook

For the president, the art of "no deal"

The fortuitous discovery of secret Confederate battle plans wrapped around cigars, which had been carelessly dropped near Frederick, Md., likely turned the Civil War battle of Antietam. It's possible that similar plans, relating to the Democrats' legislative positioning on DACA, were published in yesterday's Wall Street Journal by columnist William Galston.
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