Op-ed: Biden is only pretending to solve the border crisis he created

By Andrew R. Arthur on June 4, 2024

When President Biden took office, he inherited what his first Border Patrol chief, Rodney Scott, described as “arguably the most effective border security in” US history.

The administration, however, quickly trashed effective Trump border policies like “Remain in Mexico,” just one of an estimated 64 executive border actions the president and his DHS secretary, the impeached Alejandro Mayorkas, have taken over the past 40 months.

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Now, five months out from the presidential election, Biden realizes that he’s out of talking points and has apparently decided he has no other option than to pretend to address a disaster he himself created.

He’s using a 72-year-old immigration authority — section 212(f) — to bar migrant asylum claims whenever CBP encounters a weekly average of 2,500 illegal migrants or more a day.

This limit is laughable, since between that and other programs Biden is still going to let more than 1.5 million people a year, higher than almost any other point in history.

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