State and Local Policy

On sanctuary states: "Something clearly has to be done. Although the threat of denying certain DOJ grants has moved some less-committed sanctuary jurisdictions to change their policies, bringing the pro-sanctuary Democrats to heel will require sterner measures. The last time states resisted national authority like this, half a century ago, the bravado was met with troops sent to enforce the law."

- Mark S. Krikorian, CIS Director

A state's enforcement policy will necessarily dictate compliance rates. Most state E-Verify laws include sanctions for non-compliance, such as license revocation or a ban from public contracts. Some states have made the names of violators public on state websites. Some states have also allowed a business's use of E-Verify to serve as an affirmative defense against state prohibitions on knowingly hiring illegal aliens. A carrot-and-stick approach to E-Verify appears helpful in encouraging adherence to the law.

- Jon Feere, Former Legal Policy Analyst