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On Migrants and Assimilation

Muslim extremists have been accused of a number of religious-based murders against others, including Yazidis and Christians in Iraq; Christians in Pakistan and Syria, and most recently, the methodical execution of Christians at a Nigerian college, one of a series of attacks by Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram targeting Christians and animists.

We Need Some Yes/No Answers from Rubio on Immigration

Like Patrick Brennan over at National Review, I too am encouraged by Rubio's seeming commitment to Enforcement First. But whether it's the real thing or just a con hinges on one question: Is he proposing to fully implement universal E-Verify and visa-tracking before asking Congress to grant amnesty to today's illegals, or just pass legislation calling for enforcement.

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The Undoing of an Attorney General Order

With the stroke of a pen in what might be one of his last acts as attorney general (AG), Eric Holder earlier this month undid an order developed by one prior attorney general and signed by another.

That the Immigrant Defense Project immediately lauded the move tells you something about which direction Holder's vacated decision ran. And it once again proves the jaded saw cited by many immigration agents: "No case is over until the alien wins."

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Amidst All the Grim Immigration News, Here Are Four Bits of Cheer

Those of us who want to retain immigration, but keep admissions down to a dull roar, see lots of bad news, but here are four bits of good news. In each of four different migration programs, the open-borders types have been thwarted, at least momentarily.

The four instances, moving from an individual case to that of a whole class, can be described as follows.

Favoritism and the Appearance of Impropriety Lead to Promotion at DHS – if You're Well-Connected

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released last month a 99-page report of its investigation into allegations that Alejandro Mayorkas, former director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a DHS component, engaged in influence peddling during his tenure at that agency.

FactCheck Misleads on Amnesty Costs

The website criticized a recent ad by Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) for calling attention to the tax refund implications of the president's administrative amnesty. In its response, FactCheck agreed with CAPS that illegal immigrants may collect $1.7 billion in tax refunds from previous years because of the president's decrees. But FactCheck goes beyond fact-checking to argue that 1) the tax refunds should be considered only as part of the overall fiscal impact of amnesty; and 2) this overall impact is positive. Both arguments are problematic.

Nearly 40% of First-Round DACAs Have Not Filed for Renewal

Now there's a cloud coming up out of the sea no bigger than a man's hand.

— 1 Kings 18:44

If DACA grants are so important to individual illegals, and if adding those individuals to America's legal population is such a good thing for the nation (as the administration argues) ...

... then why did nearly 40 percent of eligible first-round DACA beneficiaries not renew?

Pandering on Immigration Isn't Going to Win the White House for the GOP

Following Mitt Romney's defeat in 2012, the Republican elites and their overpaid, habitual-loser political consultants blamed the loss on Romney's tough stance on illegal immigration. If only Romney would have been more compassionate and accommodating on the illegal immigration issue, he would now be president, according the Republican loser class. But the facts show just the opposite.

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