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New Study Reveals 96% Negative Coverage for Trump Immigration Policies

A telling new study from Harvard University's Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy reveals that liberal media bias is more pronounced in immigration coverage than in any other issue. The study found that during the Trump administration's first 100 days the overall tone of coverage at major media news outlets (CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, NYT, WaPo, BBC, etc) was 80 percent negative.

"Punishing" Apprehended Illegal Aliens with Alternatives to Detention?

Conservative Review has published an article, "Weak border bill threatens to undermine GOP's wall promises". The bill in question is being put together for introduction in both chambers of Congress by Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Mike McCaul respectively. As one can gather from the title of CR's article, it is not necessarily a bill those who believe in responsible immigration control and enforcement can look toward with any pleasure.

Another Group of Exploited Alien Workers Is Heard From – the Au Pairs

It's bad enough when foreign workers are exploited in bunches, as they are through farmworker visas and (at a higher wage level) the H-1B program, but think of the exploitation possibilities when a one young person from another country is working as the lone servant in an American household. She has little contact outside the family that employs her and generally knows little about our (not very strong) worker protection laws, but does know that if she upsets the family, she will be put on the first plane back to the homeland. Welcome to the State Department's au pair program!

Draining the Swamp, or Wading in Ever Deeper?

Even as border crossings have plummeted and interior arrests have soared since inauguration of the president — due, no doubt, both to his tough campaign talk and his unshackling of federal immigration agents through executive orders — there are warning signs that we may be sliding back toward the Washington business-as-usual mentality of unacknowledged virtually open borders where legal immigration is concerned.
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Return of the ENLIST Act: A Trojan Horse for Amnesty

On January 3, 2017, various members of the House of Representatives cosponsored HR 60, the "Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training (ENLIST) Act". The reference to "new legalized immigrants" in the title is a red herring. In fact, the bill would allow illegal aliens to enlist in the military, at which point they would be entitled to amnesty through legalization of status, as is evident by the plain language in Section 2 of the bill.

Loaded Questions and False Assumptions

On Monday, May 15, a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard arguments in the government's appeal of a preliminary injunction issued by a Hawaii federal district court judge of sections 2 and 6 of Executive Order 13,780, "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States". As Fox News reported, the panel was "skeptical" of the government's position. The case shows the dangers that ensue when courts fail to see the whole picture and rely on false assumptions.

Andrew Sullivan Discusses Social and Political Upheaval in the U.S.

We who work at the Center for Immigration Studies attempt to make the case for reasonable immigration limits. Some of us, motivated by concerns for the labor market prospects of Americans and permanent residents, consider ourselves to be liberal restrictionists. Others, concerned with maintaining social cohesion and the rule of law, identify as conservatives. (There is, of course, some overlap.)

Man with 15 Previous Deportations Nearly Kills Boy, Mainstream Media Shrugs

If Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had a loyalty rewards program, surely Constantino Banda-Acosta would be a platinum member. Banda-Acosta, a 38-year-old citizen of Mexico, has been deported from the United States at least 15 times according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Last week, while driving drunk, he allegedly blew through a stop sign and smashed into another vehicle, seriously injuring Lennox Lake, a six-year-old boy who was on his way home from a family trip to Disneyland. Banda-Acosta didn't stop or seek help, and the poor little boy had to undergo two surgeries at a Children's Hospital. (Donate to his GoFundMe page here.)

Unsubstantiated Voting Fraud?

On Thursday, May 11, President Trump announced the establishment of a commission on election integrity. The commission: "[W]ill review claims of improper registrations and voting, fraudulent registrations and voter suppression. ... Members will provide the president with a report in 2018 and may issue recommendations to the states." Almost instantaneously, the president's critics attacked the commission, and its Vice Chairman, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.
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The Nobel Prize Standard

The phrase "deeds not words" has long been associated with Alice Paul, suffragette, political activist, and one of the founders of the National Women's Party. The Washington Post, which describes the phrase as Ms. Paul's "battle cry", reports it is "an allusion to Paul's preference for attention-getting protest stunts, such as hurtling rocks at windowpanes, in the name of equal rights."
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