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Numerous Classes of Victims Secure Admission to the U.S.

Most new immigrants are simply relatives of earlier immigrants.Many others are admitted because they, under our employer-tilted laws, are considered "needed workers" or are their relatives.A growing number of migrants, however, fit into neither category; they manage to secure legal status in the United States because they fall into one of the many classes of victims that a generous Uncle Sam says qualifies them to be acceptable migrants to the United States.

Immigration Reform in a Republican-Controlled Senate, Pt. 5

The best path to real immigration reform in a 2015 Senate narrowly controlled by Republicans -- as many as 13 of whose likely GOP members voted for the Democratic immigration bill in 2013 -- is through the chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

The chairman can set the direction of the committee and frame the specific issues it will address and hold hearings on, but he can do much more. He can choose which immigration bill will be brought before the committee for debate and markup.

ICE Policy Change on Detainers Fuels Lawsuits to Obstruct Enforcement

A federal judge in Oregon has ruled that local law enforcement agencies must not comply with ICE detainers, a key tool used by ICE to take custody of criminal aliens for investigation and possible removal. As a result, nine sheriffs in Oregon announced that they would cease honoring detainers and begin releasing any arrested aliens who complete their sentence or bond out of jail before ICE has a chance to charge them.

Replacing Americans with Cheap Foreign Labor No Longer News

The cheap labor industry is now having the same problem with the American media that Americans workers have had for a while: its short attention span.

In past years, the exhaustion of the H-1B quota served as the vehicle for companies to plaster the media with stories about a crisis: A huge mythical shortage of workers coupled with a shortage of H-1B visas.

Those stories have gotten old, so there are not many of them this time around.

"Silicon Valley Treats American Workers Like H-1Bs"

That should have been the New York Times headline for today's article about how the major IT employers have been sued "on claims of conspiring to keep their employees down".

Instead, the Times headline predicted the outcome of a class action suit by U.S. workers against Google, Apple, Intel, and Adobe with these words: "In Silicon Valley Thriller, a Settlement May Preclude the Finale".

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