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A Perfect Storm of Errors Complicates an Immigration Court Hearing

A perfect storm of errors and bad luck strained, but did not break, the composure of an immigration judge at a recent hearing attended by some members of the CIS staff. It was an example of how difficult it can be to provide justice on the mass basis that has been caused by the huge backlog in the immigration courts, often described by our colleague Andrew R. Arthur. It also showed how the courts' resources can be wasted in individual cases.

Paying the Cost — Literally — for Alien Criminals in the United States

ICE is consistently hammered for allegedly deporting aliens who have no criminal convictions. That sometimes is so, but Valerio-Romero is exactly the kind of case that gets misreported in the press or by opportunistic migrant advocates, who choose to obfuscate the facts, leaving the public with serious misunderstandings of the work going on behind the scenes.

Open-Borders Agendas and Anti-American Bias, Underwritten by U.S. Taxpayers

When we look at specific participants in the many working groups, symposiums, and forums that have taken place in and around development of the migration compact, we see names connected with movements and organizations that lean toward the goal of a "borderless" world. How ironic that our government continues to underwrite such efforts with massive infusions of taxpayer dollars.
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