Republican Hesitation on Impeaching DHS Secretary Mayorkas Is Misguided

By Jason Richwine on June 5, 2023

The porous southern border is a catastrophe for the rule of law. Although Congress has legislated the types of immigrants the U.S. may admit and in what numbers, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has flouted those rules by welcoming millions of migrants without visas. The House should impeach him.

. . .

Now, if Republicans impeached President Biden rather than Secretary Mayorkas over the border crisis, ordinary voters would have trouble distinguishing the impeachment from any other partisan battle. Democratic cries that Republicans are “attempting to overturn the last election” would drown out the substantive arguments. Limiting impeachment to Mayorkas will sharpen the focus on the legal issues. It’s time for the House to move against him.

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