Panel Video: Health Care for Illegal Immigrants

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How Much Would It Cost to Provide Health Insurance to Illegal Immigrants?

The Cost of Immigrant Medicaid Coverage Under Current Policy

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The Center released two reports as part of a October 10, 2019 panel discussion on the cost of granting healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants.


Mark Krikorian
Executive Director
Center for Immigration Studies

Jason Richwine
Independent Policy Analyst

Steven Camarota
Director of Research
Center for Immigration Studies

Christopher Pope
Senior Fellow
Manhattan Institute

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Introduction by Mark Krikorian


Statement by Jason Richwine


Statement by Steven Camarota


Statement by Christopher Pope


Question and Answer Session


Panel Clips

Can Immigrants Use Medicaid?


Panel Clip: How Much Does Medicaid for Immigrants Cost?



Cost of Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Access the Affordable Care Act


Cost of Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Access the ACA and Medicaid


Is Providing Universal Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants Realistic?

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