Op-ed: Donald Trump, Immigration Expansionist

By Mark Krikorian on June 21, 2024

In a podcast this week with several tech investors, Donald Trump said he wants to give green cards to any foreign student who graduates from a U.S. institution. (The full interview is here; the immigration comments start at about 43:40.)

It’s true that his staff has subsequently tried to walk some of this back, but his comments shouldn’t surprise anyone.

While Trump’s explicit endorsement of this specific “staple a green card to every diploma” scheme is new, he’s always made clear, even during his first campaign, that he favored increased immigration. I’ve written in these pages about Trump’s support for expanded immigration here and here. And here. And here.

That said, this week’s comments by Trump really were more preposterous than usual. . . .

[Read the whole thing at National Review.]