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Increased U.S. Financial Support for Foreign PhD Students

Hidden within the pages of a newly released, highly regarded federal report on higher education in the U.S. are these facts: in 2008 there were more new PhDs with temporary visas than ever before, and their degree of reliance on American funding, always high, was higher than in earlier years.The report thus contradicts the claims of academia that foreign students are a boon to the U.S. economy; more on this below.

Washington Post's Take on Illegals in Health Reform

A Washington Post editorial Saturday argues that illegal aliens should be allowed to purchase health insurance through the "exchange" created in both the House and Senate health reform bills. The argument is a familiar one in health policy circles. Having more people in the insurance pool means rendering less uncompensated care that burdens hospitals and other providers.

Napolitano's Lack of Leadership on Secure Driver's License Legislation Leaves States Worse Off than Before

A key secure driver's license deadline of December 31, 2009, has now been pushed back to May 11, 2011, due to the Secretary of Homeland Security's failure to push through Congress her top priority for this Congress: repeal of a law known as REAL ID that encapsulated the intent of the 9/11 Commission recommendation pertaining to state-issued ID security. For the past year, even before former Arizona Gov.

The Self-Censorship of a Would-Be Truth-Teller: Paul Krugman's 'Spots of Commonness'

But there’s also, I believe, a question of priorities. The Fed sprang into action with the prospect of wrecked banks; it doesn’t seem equally concerned about the prospect of wrecked lives. The kind of sustained high unemployment envisaged in the Fed’s own forecasts is a recipe for immense human suffering – millions of families losing their savings and their homes, millions of young Americans never getting their working lives properly started because there are no jobs available when they graduate.

Who Profits from Casino Visas? Well, There's Williamsburg, Ky. (Pop. 5,143)

We all know that the benefits of immigration are highly concentrated, on the immigrants themselves, their family members, their lawyers, and their employers – and that the costs of massive (low-income) migration are spread almost invisibly throughout society in terms of lower wages for many workers, and higher costs for many taxpayers.

Insane Asylum

Another thing the Democrats' amnesty bill would do is eliminate the requirement that asylum applications be filed within one year after the person's last entry into the United States. The deadline rule was passed by Congress in 1996 to incorporate into U.S.

Rhymes With Dumb: Legalizing Illegals Before They Even Immigrate

The proposed House amnesty bill (HR 4321) not only grants legal status to virtually all 12 million illegal aliens in the country, it also provides (in Sec. 317) legalization 100,000 wannabe illegals each year for three years who have not yet even set foot in the country. For a summary of the 644-page bill see here, and for the complete text see here.

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