Democrats Undermine Working Class with Open Borders and Illegal Labor

By Steven A. Camarota on January 10, 2023

There is no disputing the data: Wages for working-class Americans are not keeping up with inflation. Moreover, a near-record number of Americans are now out of the labor force entirely. And yet many liberals — avowed friends of the American worker — are calling for more immigration so that employers don’t have to raise wages and get Americans back to work.

It is not surprising when Big Business calls for more immigration to keep wages down, but what has happened to the American left?

Last year, nine Democratic senators joined nine pro-business Republicans calling for an increase in the number of workers admitted under the H-2B program, which brings in lower-skilled non-agriculture workers. The Washington Post editorial board in September argued for “higher inflows of legal workers.” Nicole Narea at the liberal news site Vox states, “The federal government can’t force people to work but it can make it easier for immigrants” to come in and fill jobs.


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