Panel Video: Terrorist Migration Across Europe's Borders

Lessons for American Border Security


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What Terrorist Migration Over European Borders Can Teach About American Border Security

Event Summary

The Center for Immigration Studies held a panel discussion on how migration and terrorism have combined to be a destructive force in Europe and what America can learn from the European experience. The starting point for conversation was a report documenting Europe's migrant terrorism experience, analyzing the U.S. threat, and proposing U.S. border security improvements.


Mark Krikorian
Executive Director
Center for Immigration Studies

Todd Bensman
National Security Fellow
Center for Immigration Studies

Robin Simcox
Margaret Thatcher Fellow
The Heritage Foundation

James G. Conway
Former Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Full Panel Video

Mark Krikorian Introduction


Todd Bensman Statement


Robin Simcox Statement


James G. Conway Statement


Question and Answer Session


Panel Clips

What can America Learn from European Terrorism?


Characteristics of Terrorists Who Used European Refugee Flows


Terrorists Used Asylum Process to Incubate Plots


Consequences of Terrorist Attacks in Europe


Effects of Refugee Surge on Germany


Effects of Refugee Surge on Sweden


European Union Response to Terror Attacks


Can Nation States Allow Everyone In?


Mexican Government Helped Target Global Smuggling Rings