Cantigny Conference Series: Immigration and Citizenship in America

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Introduction and List of Conference Participants


I. What is American Citizenship?

Moderator: Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies


To "Possess the National Consciousness of an American"
by John Fonte, Hudson Institute

Reflections on American Citizenship and Immigration
by Joseph H. Carens, University of Toronto

II. Dual (or Plural) Citizenship?

Moderator: Stephen Steinlight, American Jewish Congress


Dual Citizenship and American National Identity: A Dilemma of Diversity
 by Stanley Renshon, City University of New York

Dual Nationality: Unobjectionable and Unstoppable
by Peter A. Spiro, Hofstra University School of Law

Keynote Address:

Samuel P. Huntington, Harvard University

III. Are Mexicans a Special Case?

Moderator: Robert Leiken, Brookings Institute


Mexican Immigration: A Special Case of What?
by Peter Skerry, Claremont McKenna College and Brookings Institution

Mexican Immigrants: Similarities and Differences
by Manuel Garcia y Griego, University of Texas - Arlington

IV. Teaching Immigrants About America

Moderator: George Elford, Education Consultant


Americanizing New Americans
by Charles F. Bahmueller, Center for Civic Education

Entering into Society: The Civic Process for All
by Don Bragaw, American Forum for Global Education