Op-ed: Biden’s Boss Tightens the Screws

Mexico’s president has America hooked on what he’s selling.

By Todd Bensman on March 29, 2024

Yes. He just did that. He went there.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was so supremely confident that his thumb on the scale can tip the U.S. presidential election that he just issued a cash demand to President Biden along with a threat: give me money or Donald Trump wins. The spectacle, shameful for all parties, played out on the grand stage of CBS’s 60 Minutes Sunday broadcast.

As my book Overrun shows, Biden launched and nurtured a mass immigration crisis for three straight years. The knock-on effects of this debacle are now being felt all over the country, and not just in conservative enclaves. These days, Biden’s immigration policy registers as so deeply unpopular with the American people that López Obrador offered the old “silver-or-lead” option to the Biden campaign on national television.

If President Biden wants his mass migration crisis to recede from public view before the election, López Obrador will slow the flow of migrants—for the ripe price of a $20 billion down payment. This cash would be sent under the paper-thin cover of the debunked “root causes” theory of mass migration, which proposes that money from the destination country can rebuild countries generating outmigration so that their citizens want to stay.

And if the U.S. incumbent doesn’t pay the requested $20 billion a year for root causes—“then what?” asked interviewer Sharyn Alfonsi.

“The flow of migrants…will continue,” the president responded simply with a smile worthy of a mafia don.

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