Podcast: Are Immigrants Less Willing to Report Crime?

Parsing Immigration Policy, Episode 26

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One of the most frequently cited justifications for sanctuary policies is the claim that immigrants are less willing to report victimization to authorities. A report was released by the Center for Immigration Studies casts doubt on this claim, using the latest data from the National Crime Victimization Survey.

Mark Krikorian, the Center’s executive director and host of Parsing Immigration Policy, moderates a rebroadcast of the Center's recent panel discussing the report. Two of the study's co-authors participated in the panel, Center researchers Jessica Vaughan and Steven Camarota. They were joined by Capt. Keith Harmon of the Collier County, Fla. Sheriff’s Department, which has long experience with ICE's 287(g) program. 

In the closing commentary, Krikorian discusses the latest caravan heading to the U.S. southern border and the Biden administration's attempt to persuade countries south of our border to halt the non-stop flow of illegal aliens to the U.S.  


Mark Krikorian is the Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies.


Steven Camarota, Director of Research, Center for Immigration Studies

Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies, Center for Immigration Studies

Captain Keith Harmon, Corrections Division, Collier County Sheriff's Office


Report: Are Immigrants Less Willing to Report Crime?

Jessica Vaughan Graph 1: All Crime Reporting

Steven Camarota Graph 1: Serious Crime Reporting

Steven Camarota Graph 2: Crime Reporting by Females

Steven Camarota Graph 3: Crime Reporting by Region

Panel Video

Panel Transcript


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  • Sen. Barack Obama at a 2005 press conference.
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  • Hillary Clinton in a 2003 radio interview.
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  • Prof. George Borjas in a 2016 C-SPAN appearance.
  • Sen. Jeff Sessions in 2008 comments on the Senate floor.
  • Charlton Heston in "Planet of the Apes".
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