Who Will Pay to Process the Dream?

By Mark Krikorian on June 15, 2012

A mole inside the government raises some important questions about the president’s illegal DREAM decree. For instance, how would USCIS process all the applications if it can’t charge any processing fees? This is vital, because USCIS operates almost entirely from fee revenue rather than appropriated funds — if it has no additional fees, then it would need to have adjudicators stop processing citizenship and green-card applications so they could process the illegals. How’s that for irony — foreigners who are following the law to get a green card or to become American citizens will have to cool their heels while the Obama campaign DHS processes illegal aliens — and the fees the legal applicants paid would fund the processing of the illegals! And while the estimates are that 800,000 would apply, my source expects double or triple that, many of them unqualified but betting that their applications will be rubber-stamped, as so many were in the 1986 amnesty.