Boiling the Frog Slowly on Immigration

Biden's unraveling of border rules will be gradual but inexorable.

By Mark Krikorian on December 15, 2020

President-Elect Joe Biden has pledged to reverse the immigration policies implemented by the Trump administration. His campaign site's immigration page says he will "take urgent action to undo Trump's damage and reclaim America's values." As Rich Lowry has written, "Biden will move on all fronts to loosen immigration controls."


As this won't be done all at once, Biden will do his best to try to hide the politically explosive consequences from public view. The new administration will likely fail to mask the fallout of Biden's immigration pledges, but he has the Top Men in the anti-borders brain trust working on the problem.

The Biden team and its allies are aware of the political danger inherent in its immigration promises. The Migration Policy Institute, for instance, a Biden-friendly think tank in Washington, wrote concerning one such border-related promise: "Even though the Biden administration could immediately lift the public-health order, doing so without having a considered new policy in place could quickly stoke major new flows at the border. Chaotic scenes of arrivals, as occurred in 2019 under the Trump administration, could narrow Biden's political maneuvering room on immigration."

I'll say.

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