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The Currency Is a Federal Responsibility, Too, Right?

The new law in Arizona addressing immigration enforcement has produced the predictable response from the drive-by media. The Denver Post tells us, "that the U.S. Constitution gives the federal government, not states, authority over immigration"The U.S. Constitution, Article 1, § 8 states:

"The Congress shall have Power ...To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization"

Below that passage, one also finds:

Forget Diplomatic Immunity -- How about 'Illegal-Alien Immunity'?

Most Americans have heard of diplomatic immunity -- it provides accredited diplomats with protection from legal action in the foreign countries where they live and work.Seizing on this concept, illegal immigrants and their supporters now claim what amounts to "illegal-alien immunity" for millions of foreign nationals who live and work unlawfully in the United States.

Just In from New Zealand, a New Way to Beat Immigration Laws

There are lots of ways to use money to beat the immigration laws; some are blessed by Congress (as in investor visas), others are out-right criminal bribery.I thought I could count all the ways to outwit the system, but learned of a new one (at least new to me) while reading the most recent edition of CIS' e-news roundup, CISNEWS.

Illegal Aliens, Nonimmigrants Rip Off IRS by $6 Billion a Year

My headline, above, should have been used as the title of the Government Accountability Office's recent tax compliance report. I calculate, based on the GAO report, that those two groups are routinely depriving the U.S. Treasury of an estimated $6 billion a year in income taxes.GAO, as usual, wrote the report in its trademark, color-me-gray prose, but, unusually, missed a gold mine of government statistics that would have shown the dramatic size of the problem.

President Felipe Calderón’s State Visit and the Double Standard Mexico Enjoys

Just imagine if President Barrack Obama paid a state visit to Mexico, which included a welcome highlighted by pomp and circumstances when his helicopter arrived on the South Lawn of the White House, an elaborate luncheon hosted by top officials at the State Department, and a State Dinner at Los Pinos.Then suppose that Obama addressed the Mexican Congress and sharply scolded them for domestic problems that irritated him and complicated bilateral relations.

Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful

We tuned in for a beauty pageant and a debate about immigration broke out. After reading just a small sampling of the revolting attacks on Rima Fakih, the Lebanese immigrant who was crowned the new Miss USA on Sunday night, I feel compelled to comment on how misguided her critics are.

Evangelical Goliath Backs Amnesty

A new push for mass amnesty involves the help of certain evangelicals. Democrats and the usual open-borders suspects have courted "leaders" of the evangelical strain for a couple of years now. Their efforts are paying off. A smattering of those religious elites has signed onto an advertisement calling for "immigration reform." The ad recently appeared in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call and is part of a broader lobbying campaign.

No Special Session to Gut Utah's Child Identity Theft Bill

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has canceled plans to call a special session of the Utah State Legislature in order to essentially gut SB251 which was passed by the 2010 legislative session.SB251 requires all Utah employers with 15 or more employees to use an employment verification system for all new hires after July 1, 2010.

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