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TSA has No Excuse for Not Really Checking that Passengers and Their Documents are Legit

The REAL ID Act of 2005 sought to secure state driver license ID issuance practices and require those secure IDs be presented at airports to create a more hardened aviation security system. Although unsaid, it is well-documented that any federal officer at a portal with no means other than a black light, some minimal training, and eyesight, is significantly curtailed in identifying fraud.

Some More Thoughts on the Intricacies of TPS for Illegal Haitian Migrants

Why should the application period for the Temporary Protected Status for Haitian illegals be extended over 180 days?This was among my thoughts over the last few days as I attended a DHS "Stakeholders Meeting" on fee waivers for TPS applicants in Washington, and as I was interviewed by both NPR, on the left, and Fox News, on the right, regarding this program.

Amnesty Deported from SOTU

Since I knew His Majesty wouldn't say much of anything about immigration, and I can no longer stand the sound of his voice, I just went to bed. But he said even less than I expected:

We should continue to work at fixing our broken immigration system to secure our borders and enforce our laws and ensure that everyone who plays by rules can contribute to our economy and enrich our nation.

Jewish Leaders' Reaction to CIS Survey Reveals They Know Their Own Polls Are Bogus

Following CIS's release of the survey "Religious Leaders vs. Members: An Examination of Contrasting Views on Immigration," the usually loquacious spokespersons for the Jewish Establishment have had little to say other than to downplay findings which reveal a Jewish community split down the middle over immigration between enforcement and legalization. What's more, lopsided majorities of respondents took positions on key policy questions strongly predictive of opposition to amnesty.

Did the President Really Tell Us that Tariq Ramadan Will Not Be Subject to Future Intelligence Assessments?

The State Department last week downplayed the decision to drop the 2004 visa revocation of Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan, enabling him to reapply for a visa. Only during questioning of the new policy during a January 20 press conference covering many other topics (principally Haiti) was it made clear that if Ramadan reapplies for a visa, any possible terrorist ties will simply not be considered – ties which rendered him inadmissible in 2004.

Legalization Forever, for the Judges Make It Long*

* With apologies to the late Ralph Chaplin, the I.W.W. organizer who wrote the words to "Solidarity Forever"Here's a thought: Maybe before we consider another amnesty for illegal aliens, we should complete the last amnesty – the one voted by the Congress a generation ago, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

Let's Support Higher State Department Fees for Nonimmigrant Visas

One of the perpetual problems with America's efforts to manage international migration is that they are always underfunded.The State Department has proposed about $84 million a year in increases in its nonimmigrant (i.e., temporary) visa fees, and has asked for public comment. (See the second page in this notice from the Federal Register).We should all rally around and encourage the State Department in this venture.

The Answer to the World's Problems — Immigration to America

For the second time to three days, the Washington Post has an op-ed calling on us to help Haiti by reducing the number of Haitians living there. Elliott Abrams' piece, which I critiqued here on Friday, was wrongheaded in calling for substantial increases in Haitian immigration but at least it didn't reject American sovereignty.

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