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Immigration Fraud, on Top of Everything Else

The CIA's former No. 3 official awaits sentencing tomorrow in Virginia on federal charges that he conspired with a life-long friend to bilk the government out of millions of dollars and forced the CIA to hire his mistress. In their pre-sentencing memo, prosecutors also allege that Kyle "Dusty" Foggo helped facilitate an act of immigration fraud.

Multicultural Racism or Real Immigration Reform? Thomas L. Friedman’s Curious Times Op-Ed

Starting with its full-throttle campaign on behalf of open-borders immigration policy dating back to its uncritical endorsement of the Immigration Act of 1965, the New York Times has been the chief organ of disinformation in America on immigration and immigration policy. Moreover, it has the dubious distinction of creating the template for much of mainstream media coverage of the subject: don’t be confused by the facts; write every article as a stealth editorial; keep the public in the dark with regard to key legislation; run phony push polls to misrepresent American opinion; and label opponents bigoted nativists. Even seeing its confident predictions proven hopelessly wrong hasn’t chastened the paper: it guaranteed Congress and the public that the 1965 law would not increase immigration – which it did almost immediately.

Can Enforcement Yield Amnesty?

Tom Barry is one of the more prolific, and smarter, writers on the open-borders left. His recent analysis of Napolitano's comments on her immigration agenda makes for encouraging reading (for our side). He writes:

The More Things Change . . .

On February 14, 1979, President Jimmy Carter flew to Mexico City for meetings with his Mexican counterpart, Jose Lopez Portillo. Their visit would be remembered more for its moments of awkwardness and tension than for anything they accomplished in an agenda that featured illegal immigration, trade, and drug trafficking.

Contra Nadler

Contra NadlerYes, reach out to immigrants—but not by admitting more of them.By Mark KrikorianNational Review Online, February 13, 2009

Rapid REPAT Anyone?

The Associated Press reports that judges may order the California correctional system to release one-third of its 158,000 adult inmates within a few years, due to severe prison overcrowding. Law enforcement agencies and residents are understandably concerned. Gov. Schwarzenegger has proposed several eyebrow-raising measures, but not the obvious – remove the illegal aliens who are incarcerated to their home country instead of back to the streets of California. ICE has a program, known as Rapid REPAT to do just that.


In border terminology a "coyote" is the shadowy figure who guides illegal immigrants, usually for a hefty price, past immigration authorities and into the United States. Now a documentary film by that name, by Spanish filmmaker Chema Rodriguez, has been presented at the Berlin Film Festival.

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