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War and Rumors of War

Things aren't quite spinning out of control yet in Mexico, but it's not looking good, as seen in this weekend's murder of three people associated with our consulate in Juarez, right across the river from El Paso — three among 100 people killed over the weekend in what has turned into a war against the state itself.

What Bill of Health?

The immigration issue could put health reform at risk once again, as it did last fall. Then, President Obama had to do some fancy footwork after an unceremonious challenge during his speech to a joint session of Congress. Rep. Joe Wilson was right, and the House bill held gaping loopholes that pretty much guaranteed illegal aliens would benefit under health reform. Ultimately, Speaker Nancy Pelosi added a modicum of eligibility verification to the House bill, and Majority Leader Harry Reid kept the relatively stronger verification provisions in his Senate version.

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Visa Waiver Program for Tourists from Near-Bankrupt Greece – Really?

DHS Secretary Napolitano decided earlier this week to allow Greece to join the Visa Waiver program, so beloved by our tourist industry and other Open Borders types.As one consular official (who will remain unnamed) e-mailed: "Let me get this straight. In the middle of the biggest financial meltdown to hit a European country in decades, we have added them to visa waiver?"

Mideast Counterfeit Bust Shows ICE Needs to Tighten Student Program

This past week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted a rather unusual bust using a new spin on visa fraud. This time it was not a fraudulent school masquerading as legitimate and siphoning money for student visas for a curriculum that did not exist, as was the March 4, 2010, bust of a Miami language school that resulted in arrests of 81 student violators and $2.4 million forfeited in illicit cash received. Nor was it referencing the three counterfeit document rings taken out in the last few days.

The Hidden Immigration Decision-Makers: 'Black Dragons' Within State Dept.

In addition to the prominent immigration policy decision-makers – the president, the chairs of the congressional committees and the presidential appointees in the Executive Branch – there are many other sets of less obvious policy players, located deep in the federal bureaucracy.Today I learned of a group whose leanings were known to me, but for whom I had no name. They are the quietly Open Borders officials within the State Department, termed the "Black Dragons" in a recent article.

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