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A Refreshing Story: the Tax-Dodging Yacht, the Illegals, and the Coast Guard

Once in a while it is nice to see the wealthy and pampered – like tax-dodging, yacht-owning citizens and their illegal immigrant sidekicks – zapped just like the sweltering peasants at the Arizona border.That's what happened on Long Island Sound to – I kid you not – the Rich family, their 63-foot private vessel, and two illegal aliens. It was all in the New York Times on July 27.

In for the Long Haul

It's no surprise that key parts of the Arizona immigration law were just suspended by Judge Bolton, pending the full trial. Assuming the state doesn't give up, which it won't, everyone understood this would take several years and reach the Supreme Court. It’s a stupid way to make policy, but with ACLU lawyers (both those inside and those outside the government) fanatically committed to open borders, there's no alternative.

1994 Story Foreshadowed Federal Response to SB 1070

A 1994 story in the Arizona Republic helps explain the frustration with federal immigration authorities that drove passage of Arizona's controversial new law against illegal immigration. The story also includes a statement from a federal official that foreshadows the Justice Department's current insistence that agents are so busy pursuing criminal illegal immigrants that they must not be diverted by reports of people who are merely illegal immigrants.

Is There Any Enforcement They Support?

The Secure Communities program is intended to make systematic and universal the identification of illegal aliens in police custody — not people pulled over for speeding or broken taillights but those actually booked and fingerprinted. The whole point of the program, politically, is to move away from deporting "ordinary" illegal aliens (i.e., those guilty only of tax crimes, identity-fraud crimes, employment crimes, etc.) and focus only on illegals who have committed "real" crimes.

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