Panel Video: Foreign Students and National Security


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Report: U.S. Foreign Student and Exchange Visitor Policies Undercut National Security

Blog: America's Elderly and Infirm Forced to Reward Corporations that Discriminate Against American College Graduates

Report: DHS Reports Slight Dip in Overstays in 2018

Event Summary

The Center for Immigration Studies hosted a panel discussion on Tuesday, August 20, focusing on the potential national security risk posed by our current policies relating to foreign students and exchange visitors. 

Introduction and Moderator

Mark Krikorian
Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies


Dan Cadman
Center for Immigration Studies

David North
Center for Immigration Studies

Jessica Vaughan
Director of Policy Studies
Center for Immigration Studies

Full Panel Video

Introduction by Mark Krikorian


Statement by Dan Cadman


Statement by David North


Statement by Jessica Vaughan


Question and Answer Session


Panel Clips

Criticism of the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)


What is the Foreign Student Overstay Rate?


What is the OPT Program?


What are Foreign Student and Exchange Visas?


Why are Foreign Students from Certain Countries a National Security Concern?