National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Biden’s Border Policies Facilitate Shocking Modern Slavery

By Jessica M. Vaughan on January 11, 2023

Wednesday is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, an occasion designed to draw attention to the presence of trafficking in our midst and the toll it takes on the victims. This year, for its most prominent anti-trafficking initiative, the Biden administration is urging the public to mark the day by wearing blue and sharing selfies on social media.

The Biden border policies, meanwhile, have literally been contributing to the human-trafficking problem every single day since Jan. 20, 2021, when the president began dismantling immigration enforcement, resulting in the mass-migration crisis that continues today.

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We can and must do better. Every trafficking victim represents a failure in border security and often a failure in government policies. Congress and the president have many options to prevent, deter and detect human trafficking. Start with securing the border, give more attention to worksite enforcement, and end the automatic release of minors into this country, instead emphasizing swift return to their home countries.

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