Op-ed: Biden’s Shameful Border Legacy in Tennessee Is Human Trafficking

By Jessica M. Vaughan on January 31, 2024

Every January, law enforcement agencies and advocacy groups mark National Human Trafficking Prevention Month to focus public attention on this horrific crime and its devastating impact on the victims involved. Once again, the Biden Administration is calling attention to the Department of Homeland Security’s broader “Blue Campaign” to combat human trafficking.

This is a laudable campaign, but it is terribly undermined by the reality that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas happens to be one of the greatest enablers of human trafficking in U.S. history. The mass migration crisis triggered by the Biden administration’s reckless immigration policies has caused incalculable harm not only to American communities and the integrity of our immigration system but also, tragically, to many of the migrants themselves, who are lured into the clutches of traffickers.

As a result, incidents of border-related human trafficking have exploded, both nationwide and in Tennessee. Law enforcement agencies report a significant spike in incidents of labor and commercial sex trafficking of non-citizens — particularly cases involving minors. Historically high numbers of illegal migrants, enticed by the Biden Administration’s policies, are smuggled across the border by transnational criminal organizations. This is facilitated by government agencies and contractors who funnel them through lenient processing with little vetting and then resettle them, while turning a blind eye to the abuse and exploitation occurring under their watch.

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