Immigration Newsmaker: Jerry Kammer Discusses His New Book, "Losing Control", with The Atlantic's David Frum

By CIS on July 3, 2020


Losing Control: How a Left-Right Coalition Blocked Immigration Reform and Provoked the Backlash That Elected Trump

Transcript and Audio


The Center for Immigration Studies streamed an Immigration Newsmaker conversation on Wednesday, July 8, at 2 p.m. EDT featuring the author of "Losing Control", Jerry Kammer – a Center fellow and a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter. David Frum, a senior editor at The Atlantic, lead the discussion, which focused on how Washington’s failure to control illegal immigration provoked the populist backlash that powered Donald Trump to victory in the 2016 presidential election.

Kammer's book combines on-the-ground-reporting and historical narrative to shed light on the peculiar left-right coalition of immigrant-rights groups, ethnic activists, business interests, and civil libertarians that thwarted the promises of the immigration reform law enacted by Congress in 1986 – specifically, by undermining efforts to turn off the magnet of jobs that attracts illegal immigration. "Losing Control" also shows what it will take to repair the system so that it works in the broad national interest.