Center for Immigration Studies Analysis of 2024 Senate Immigration Bill (H.R. 815)

By CIS on May 22, 2024

The Center for Immigration Studies released an analysis of the Senate's border deal, involving a $16 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, in exchange for border "reforms". On Wednesday, February 8, the Senate voted the bill down, 49-50, falling short of the required 60-vote threshold.

149 Words in Sen. Lankford’s ‘Border Act’ Could Help Curtail the Biden/Mayorkas Border Fiasco
Unfortunately, in addition to those 149 words of note, the Border Act contains 20,583 other words that range from benign to malignant.

Analysis of the Senate Border Bill
A fact sheet covering a range of issues concerning the Senate border deal.

Ineffective and Problematic Senate Border Bill Rises from the Dead
The Washington Times has reported that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) plans to bring an ineffective and problematic border bill.

Border Bill Is Dead, But Its Spending Provisions May Resurface
Even though the immigration provisions may be off the table now, Congress still has to pass the annual appropriations bills, so some of these provisions may be reprised.

Senate Bill Wouldn’t End ‘Catch-and-Release’ — It Would Perpetuate It
The bill not only wouldn’t end catch-and-release, it would instead perpetuate catch-and-release by making it next to impossible for any future administration to halt the border crisis by detaining border migrants.

The Senate Border Bill Went ‘Meta’ in Record Time
The press largely skipped over any real analysis of the resulting product to consider whether it would really “fix” anything (again, it wouldn’t) to instead attack Donald Trump for the fact that the bill’s not going anywhere. That’s an attack on an attack, and it has nothing to do with the border or the bill.

Podcast: Senate Border Bill Update
Andrew Arthur provides background on the bill and explains what changes would be implemented if it became law, including a 5,000 per-day cap on illegal entries, after which the border would be briefly closed to other migrants.

Blog: The Good — and a Lot of Bad — in the Senate Border ‘Deal’
What does the bill do to close three loopholes exploited by human smugglers?

Blog: The Availability of Work Authorization Is a Known ‘Pull Factor’ for Illegal Immigration and the Submission of Fraudulent Asylum Claims
The proposal appears to want to strengthen a handful of these pull factors by requiring DHS to quickly release migrants who are placed into the bill’s new asylum adjudication process into the interior of the United States and allow them to apply for work authorization documents (EAD), in some cases, immediately after the submission of an asylum claim.

Blog: Latest Immigration Bill Spends $1.29 billion on Ineffective ATD Program
The bill doesn’t require the hiring of ICE officers, it doesn't require additional detention beds, and it doesn’t promote deportation of illegal aliens. But it does give over a billion dollars in taxpayer money to activist groups that encourage illegal immigration.

Op-ed: Border bill is terrible, and a way for Biden to dodge blame for not enforcing the law
Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel once said, “never let a crisis go to waste.” The Biden administration goes one better: “Never create a crisis and let it go to waste.”

Op-ed: Border Bill Ironies
Three ironies surrounding the politics of the Senate’s border deal.