Haitians Try to Storm Mexican Immigration Office

By Jason Peña on November 18, 2019

More than 200 Haitian migrants engaged in a physical confrontation with Mexican immigration agents and National Guardsmen in the southern city of Tapachula last week.

According to the National Institute of Migration (INM), the clash occurred when the migrants attempted to force their way into the migration regularization offices of the INM. It was reported that pushing and punching occurred outside the offices.

One National Guard official warned the belligerent crowd that if it didn't fall back it would be met with tear-gas. The authorities were able to prevent the Haitian migrants from entering the compound despite the persistent push to enter.

Another 300 migrants originating from Africa, Central America, and Cuba were present as well, but they promptly moved away so as to not be a part of the arrests or jeopardize their own immigration applications.

According to INM officials, the Haitians grew impatient from waiting to obtain a humanitarian visa to travel or reside in Mexico. The Haitian migrants complained of the six- to eight-month wait in the southern Mexican state for their immigration status to be resolved.

This physical altercation was the second one to occur; a fight broke out the day before.

Federal Police offered water and other forms of assistance to the Haitian families after the conflict was resolved.

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