Asylum Requests in Mexico Triple Compared to Last Year

By Jason Peña on November 12, 2019

Through October, 62,299 people have applied for asylum in Mexico this year, nearly triple the 21,057 who applied during the same period last year. The number of applicants so far this year exceeds the previous six full years combined.

Figure 1. Asylum Applications in Mexico: 2019

Source: Mexico's Commission for Refugee Assistance

Andres Ramirez, head of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR), tweeted that of the 62,299, 23,475 have received permission to stay, either as refugees or with "complementary protection" (described by the Congressional Research Service as "relief from deportation but not permanent residency" for those who don't quality for asylum). The geographical distinction in U.S. law between refugees (who apply from abroad) and asylees (who apply in the United States) doesn't apply here, so someone who is granted asylum in Mexico is called a refugee.

Most applicants for asylum in Mexico were from Central America; the top-10 countries are shown below:

Country of Origin Number of Migrants
Applying for Asylum
in Mexico
(January-October 2019)
Honduras 27,750
El Salvador 8,236
Cuba 7,195
Venezuela 6,544
Haiti 4,583
Guatemala 3,243
Nicaragua 2,056
Brazil 495
Colombia 444
Cameroon 344
All Others 1,409
Total 62,299

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