Another Migrant Caravan from El Salvador Prepares to Head to the U.S.

By Jason Peña on January 28, 2020

The recent efforts by Mexican authorities to dismantle the recent migrant caravan at its southern border with Guatemala has led to large-scale repatriations of Honduran nationals.

However, Mexican immigration officials said another migrant caravan from El Salvador (not the previous one) is slated for departure on January 31. Like the earlier caravans, migrants will travel to Mexico with the objective of reaching the United States.

Several deported Honduran migrants told authorities they would return in the new caravan, named the "Devil's Caravan".

One of the alleged organizers of the latest migrant caravan, Vladimir Funes, said approximately 500 migrants are expected to participate.

My colleague Todd Bensman has written that the caravans appear to be part of "a purposeful campaign to probe, test, and shake Mexico's will to stand fast."