Over 400 Caravan Migrants Arrested for Crossing into Mexico Illegally

By Jason Peña on January 21, 2020

Roughly 402 Central American migrants were arrested for entering Mexico illegally. The migrants were a part of the United States-bound caravan from Honduras waiting on the Guatemala-Mexico border (not the new one from El Salvador).

The mass apprehensions began when an approximate 500 migrants charged across the Suchiate River from the Guatemalan side to reach Mexican territory. The river divides Mexico and Guatemala north to south; it serves as natural barrier between the two countries.

The National Migration Institute (INM), Federal Police, and Mexican National Guard were able to contain most of migrants from advancing forward. Authorities were unable to apprehend 58 migrants during the skirmish; the migrants are believed to have fled to the jungle region of the area or taken dangerous backroads to travel.

An additional 40 migrants decided to abandon the rush to Mexico and returned to Guatemala.

Scores of migrants resisted and evaded apprehension. Rocks and punches directed toward authorities.

According to the INM, numerous children and adolescents were put at risk by migrant leaders recklessly prompting others to trespass into Mexico.  

INM authorities also revealed the detained migrants will have their immigration status processed and will be deported to Honduras by bus.