Another Caravan Heads North, This One from El Salvador

By Jason Peña on January 21, 2020

Roughly 2,500 Salvadorans were expected to participate in a new caravan bound for the United States, Monday.

The Attorney General Office (FGR) of El Salvador was present at the caravan rally point to distribute information about shelters in Guatemala and Mexico.

A Facebook group entitled "Salvadoran Caravan 2020" announced last weekend that the caravan was slated to leave on foot from El Salvador Monday.

The post said:

Good morning migrant brothers and sisters. The Salvadoran caravan of 2020 will be leaving tomorrow morning (Monday) at 8:00 at the latest from Plaza Salvador del Mundo. This will allow people time to acquire the proper documentation to travel, as well as allow minors to possess passports or a Unique Identity Document. This is also a reminder to those who live far away and want join us in the afternoon, we will be departing from the same location.

The Facebook group stated the goal of the caravan is to apply for asylum in the United States. The group has been using the WhatsApp to communicate and organize.

The Voice of America called the number on WhatsApp and spoke to one of the organizers. The individual did not reveal his or her identity. However, the organizer stated the following: "If you are going to travel with minors, you need to have a passport or birth certificate for them."

The anonymous organizer said there is no charge to join the caravan, and confirmed the Mexican government will provide food and shelter once the migrants arrive on Mexican territory.

This caravan comes as another one headed toward the United States. Guatemalan and Mexican authorities have dealt with the thousands of Central American migrants attempting to use their respective countries as transit points to reach the U.S.