Panel Podcast: The Ukraine War and Its Impacts on Migration

Parsing Immigration Policy, Episode 77

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A series of recent missile strikes by Russia against Ukrainian cities, including Lviv, the western city that has been housing a large number of the internally displaced Ukrainians, has increased the likelihood of a new wave of Ukrainian refugees. But other factors - including potential energy disruptions in Ukraine this winter and in food and fertilizer exports leading to famine in Africa - are also expected to impact the number of migrants from Ukraine and Africa.

These and other issues were addressed in a panel discussion, sponsored jointly by the Center for Immigration Studies and the Hungarian Migration Research Institute. Experts from the United States and Europe examined the refugee and internally displaced person (IDP) challenges produced by the war and faced by Ukraine, Europe, Africa, and the United States.

Mark Krikorian, the Center’s executive director and host of Parsing Immigration Policy, moderates this rebroadcast of the Center's recent panel.


Mark Krikorian is the Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies.


Nayla Rush is a Senior Researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Viktor Marsai is the Director of the Migration Research Institute.

Kristof Gyorgy Veres, is the Andrássy National Security Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Monika Palotai is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Hudson Institute.


Report: Ukrainian Refugees: Onward Migration and New Flows Are Likely

Panel Video

Panel Transcript

Nayla Rush Presentation

Viktor Marsai Presentation

Kristof Gyorgy Veres Presentation

Monika Palotai Presentation


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