It Had to Happen – Illegal Aliens on Jet Skis

By David North on September 15, 2022

Sooner or later it had to happen — an apparently well-off and athletic female illegal alien and a male companion used jet skis after she entered the U.S. illegally. They were caught in the act by the Border Patrol on South Padre Island, Texas.

The somewhat garbled Border Patrol press release summary of the action follows:

On September 2, RGV agents and National Guard observed a female noncitizen cross illegally into the U.S. at the mouth of the Rio Grande. The Mexican national was picked up by a Ford F-150 and transported north to the jetties. U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) then observed the same vehicle drop off the subject south of Isla Blanca Park. The female was then transported to a local park on a jet ski. CBP Air and Marine Operations (AMO) and USCG apprehended the male and female subject upon arrival at the park. The driver and passenger of the Ford F-150 were also apprehended by Fort Brown Border Patrol Station agents. AMO seized two jet skis, a trailer, and a white SUV used to transport the jet skis.

The Border Patrol’s press releases are often noted for the care with which they identify other agencies involved in their activities, the exact identification of its own units, such as RGV and AMO, (with RGV standing for Rio Grande Valley) and the precise description of any vehicles involved (Ford F-150), rather than for trying to tell a coherent story. Further, in this case, all readers are assumed to know what “the jetties” are.

In this instance, the largely male Border Patrol tells us, if awkwardly, about the arrival of the lady involved, but the apparent movements of the male subject are not described. Later in the release it recorded the fact that: “AMO seized two jet skis, a trailer, and a white SUV used to transport the jet skis.”

I am not enough of a car person to know if “a white SUV” and a “Ford F-150" are descriptions of one or two vehicles. If it involved two vehicles, why was the Ford F-150 not seized as well?

One wonders about the thought processes of the couple. If they are rich enough to have jet skis, and know how to use them, they might be at least high school grads and potential undergraduates at an American college. Why not seek F-1 visas, and not risk the seizure of your various vehicles?

To close on a more cheerful note, it is good to know that the BP picks up the odd rich illegals on jet skis, presumably in elegant swim suits, as well as the more numerous poor ones, arriving in humbler ways and wearing humbler clothing.