Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Raise Surrender Flag on Illegal Immigration

By Ronald W. Mortensen on February 2, 2015

Twenty-seven police chiefs and sheriffs from around the country have raised the surrender flag on illegal immigration and filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting President Obama's executive amnesty for illegal aliens.

Among the most vociferous of these law enforcement officers is Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank.

Burbank has long been an apologist and facilitator for illegal aliens. He was filmed laughing about the sale of fraudulent Social Security numbers in spite of the fact that an estimated 80,000 Utah children are victims of illegal alien-driven Social Security number identity theft. He has turned Salt Lake City into a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and he has failed to control a flourishing cartel-driven drug trade.

According to a recent article on illegal alien drug dealing in Salt Lake City:

"Many drug dealers ... have direct ties to strong-arm Honduran and Mexican drug cartels," said Fred Ross, deputy chief of police. One by one, young, Latino dealers are arrested without making a dent in the Rio Grande area drug traffic. For every arrest made, another dealer has been hustled across the border and is ready to fill in.

"We cannot arrest our way out of this," Ross said.

Thus, in the world of Chief Burbank's police force, there is no way to stop drug cartels from illegally bringing "young, Latino dealers" to Salt Lake City from foreign countries and it is impossible to stop the cartel-driven drug trade by arresting "young, Latino dealers". Therefore, the solution is to grant illegal alien drug dealers and illegal alien identity thieves legal status as long as they haven't been convicted of their crimes. And of course, they haven't been convicted because the chief and his police force won't even arrest them.

The police chiefs' and sheriffs' surrender doctrine is a total disavowal of the rule of law. Enforcement of laws is now based on an individual's legal status in the United States. If the person is an American citizen or legal resident and deals drugs or commits identity theft, she will be arrested and prosecuted. However, under the law enforcement surrender doctrine, if the person is an illegal alien and commits the very same crimes, she will not be arrested, but rather given legal status and receive amnesty for her crimes. Steal an American child's identity and ruin her life — get amnesty. Sell drugs for the cartel in Salt Lake City and get amnesty. Molest a child and get amnesty.

And what is the result of this surrender doctrine? Is it a drop in actual criminal activity because millions of illegal aliens now love the police? Hardly. Rather, as Salt Lake City reveals, it is massive illegal alien-driven identity theft and drug dealing because the rule of law no longer exists and illegal aliens have received the message loud and clear that, just like in their home countries, corruption and criminal activities are rewarded.

Taking Burbank and his fellow chiefs' and sheriffs' surrender doctrine to its logical conclusion may well result in lower official crime rates because an entire class of criminals will not be arrested or convicted; however, the actual crime rate will be significantly higher than the reported crime rate.

It's time for these surrender chiefs and sheriffs to put on their big boy pants and start enforcing the law rather than running like scared rabbits from criminal illegal aliens and rewarding those who prey on the American men, women, and children that they are sworn to protect and defend.