Obama Administration's DREAM Decree – Compassion or Child Abuse?

By Ronald W. Mortensen on June 21, 2012

The Obama administration has taken a large step in doing what many of America's religious, political, and business elite have demanded for years by providing amnesty and work authorizations to over one million adult illegal aliens. At the same time, the administration has callously sacrificed countless numbers of American children who are the victims of illegal alien-driven identity theft and other job-related felonies.

The fact that amnesty was provided by extra-legal means is of no consequence to the elites. After all, they routinely twist and ignore laws as they work to achieve their goals of more church members, more political power, and more economic riches.

It should come as no surprise that the elites who oversaw the decline of religion in the United States, who took America down the road toward bankruptcy, and who routinely employ illegal aliens all support this amnesty program.

These religious, political, and business elites turn their backs on American citizens and their children because they won't join their corrupted churches, won't support their corrupt political activities, and won't work as virtual indentured servants while their taxes go to bail out corrupt businesses.

Rather than standing up for the millions of American children who have been the victims of illegal alien-driven, job-related identity theft over the years, the elite knowingly and deliberately sacrifice these kids for their own selfish interests while portraying themselves as compassionate, caring people.

In fact, in the eyes of the elites these American kids have forfeited their right to a bright future and to protection under the law. After all, they are spoiled, they are lazy, they are independent, and they unrealistically expect to live at least as well as their struggling middle-class parents.

"Provide us with what we want", the elites tell illegal aliens, "and we will allow you to steal the identities of American children without threat of arrest, deportation, or incarceration and we will guarantee that your children will eventually get ahead of American children in both education and jobs."

"Come to our churches, convert to our religions, support the growth of government, help us undermine the rule of law, provide us with a new base of voters, and help us avoid hiring high-cost American citizens and we will take care of you and your families."

And, of course, illegal aliens are virtually never arrested, much less convicted of the job-related felonies they routinely commit because the elites have maintained their part of the silent bargain.

Now, the Obama administration, cheered on by the corrupt elites, will set up an amnesty program that allows illegal aliens who have committed serious job-related felonies ranging from Social Security fraud to identity theft under state laws to get legal status and work permits.

The administration will ensure that the job-related crimes committed by illegal aliens will never be revealed and that they will never be prosecuted for them. And they will guarantee that the American kids who are victims of these crimes will never learn who victimized them.

The administration will also ensure that the elites who aided and abetted illegal aliens in their job-related criminal activities or who themselves violated U.S. immigration, employment, and payroll tax laws by hiring illegal aliens will be given amnesty as well.

While the elites are busy getting what they want, the parents of the American children whose futures are systematically being destroyed are busy trying to make a living in the economy that the elites have handed them. Many don't have time to protect their children from this elite-driven child abuse and they have all too often bought into the elites' phony, but very compelling, compassion arguments.

Only as their kids graduate from high school do parents realize that their children are now competing for college admissions and jobs with some of the same illegal aliens who stole their children's identities and that many illegal aliens have an advantage over their innocent, American children because of diversity and affirmative action programs.

Only as American kids apply for jobs and fail background checks do they realize that the jobs they have earned and need go to the very illegal aliens who have destroyed their credit, left them with unpaid tax liabilities for wages earned on their Social Security numbers, and saddled them with arrest records that are linked to their Social Security numbers.

And only as Americans who have been victimized by illegal aliens marry and try to build a future for their families do they realize the full extent of the damage that the illegal aliens and their elite allies have done to them as they are denied the opportunity to make a decent living and to build a better life for themselves and their children.

So while American children fight to recover their lives, the illegal aliens who victimized them are living the American dream built on the misery of their victims with the full support of America's religious, business, and political elites.

Americans who have bought into the elites' one-sided compassion argument will realize too late that they have been complicit in the destruction of their innocent children's futures and of their children's American dreams.

What will their response be when their children ask, "Why?"