DREAM Act: Rewarding Illegal Behavior to Build the New American Utopia

By Ronald W. Mortensen on October 9, 2012

Advocates for illegal aliens have discovered the solution to our economic woes — the DREAM Act. If everyone would just stop complaining and praise President Obama for his efforts to stimulate the economy by legalizing illegal aliens, we would take another great leap forward toward utopia.

According to a study by Juan Carlos Guzman and Raul C. Jara of the Center for American Progress, if Congress would just follow the president's example and pass the DREAM Act, an estimated 2.1 million illegal aliens who are now busy violating U.S. laws by using fraudulent Social Security numbers (felony), perjuring themselves on I-9 forms (felony), and stealing the identities of innocent American children (felony) would inject a quick $329 billion into the economy while creating an additional 1.4 million jobs.

To their credit, Guzman and Jara acknowledge that "This study looks solely at the economic benefits from passing the DREAM Act, and not any costs that may be incurred." However, they then state: "But we believe future costs from the DREAM Act will be limited." Uh huh. And if you buy that I've got some beach-front property in the west desert of Utah I'd like to talk to you about.

Guzman and Jara conveniently ignore the horrendous costs that come from savaging the rule of law when 2.1 million people are rewarded for their illegal actions, including multiple job-related felonies. Nor do they consider the terrible costs incurred by the victims of the DREAMers' felonies.

Likewise, they fail to calculate the ultimate cost to taxpayers incurred by 2.1 million people who come, illegally, from countries where people believe that their rights come from government rather than from "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" and that high levels of fraud, taxes, and social welfare spending are the norm. This will hardly increase respect for the rule of law, get our debt under control, and reduce the size of government.

Furthermore, Guzman and Jara totally ignore the financial impact that the DREAM Act would have on innocent, young American citizens who will have to compete for jobs with approximately 2.1 million, affirmative action eligible DREAMers. Perversely, the illegal aliens will receive preference for jobs that young Americans and legal residents so badly need and deserve.

An added bonus for the DREAMers is that the American children, whose identifying information they have been using, will continue to be saddled with the damaged credit histories and arrest records bequeathed them by the DREAMers. This will further damage the innocent victims' futures while the illegal aliens move ahead with clean records.

Getting a jump on Congress, the Obama administration is effectively granting amnesty to the DREAMers and their employers by promising not to notify law enforcement authorities of their criminal actions. In addition, the administration refuses to let the innocent American child victims and their families know that they have been victimized by the DREAMers. And once again, Guzman and Jara conveniently ignore the devastating cost of these actions to the innocent victims.

Thus, as the DREAMers go "forward" with their new Social Security numbers and clean credit and criminal records, the innocent American children whose information they have been using will be denied jobs, internships, and college loans and may even face life-threatening medical procedures because DREAMers have destroyed their good names, left them with corrupted medical records, and seriously compromised their futures. Talk about mean-spirited and cruel child abuse.

Guzman and Jara further claim that the DREAM Act will create 1.4 million new jobs. But they also say that there will be 2.1 million former illegal aliens to compete for these jobs. That looks like a gap of 700,000 jobs, which should do wonders for the unemployment, food stamp, and emergency Medicaid rolls. And it should make the huge numbers of young American citizens who are having trouble finding work feel all warm and fuzzy now that they will have to compete with millions of new affirmative action job seekers.

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Furthermore, based on Guzman and Jara's assertions, one would believe that millions of new students entering higher education would not have any financial or other impact. That, of course, is pure hogwash.

Taxpayers will pay still more for highly subsidized in-state college tuition for hundreds of thousands of illegal alien DREAMers. In return, the DREAMers will only have to hang out at the college of their choice for two years in order to meet the requirement of the DREAM Act. No degree is even required in return for the taxpayers' "investments". DREAMers can just party, largely on the taxpayer's dollar, for two years, come away with no degree and win permanent legal status. What a deal … for the illegal aliens!

Nor did Guzman and Jara add up the unseen costs to young American citizens who are already subject to soft-enrollment caps at overcrowded, funding-strapped colleges and universities. What is the unseen cost of an American student being denied entrance to a taxpayer-funded university because an affirmative action DREAMer has taken her place? What is the cost to an American student who is forced to drop out because a DREAMer is taking his seat in a class required for graduation?

Unfortunately, this is just another in a series of rigged studies by illegal alien apologists and unethical business interests that cook the data to show just how valuable illegal aliens are. If rewarding illegal behavior creates jobs, contributes to economic recovery, and reduces the public debt then why don't we just legalize all 12-20 million illegal aliens? And why stop there? Let's just forgive everyone committing crimes and move quickly "forward" to the new American utopia.