Sticking to the Narrative on H-1B

By John Miano on July 1, 2020

In a previous post I noted how the news coverage of President Trump’s efforts to protect American workers have been predictably attacked in the conglomerate-controlled media.

Hank Gilman writing for Newsweek noticed the same:

The coverage of President Trump's decision to curb the H-1B visa was kind of odd. Not because the move was panned. But because we—as "we in the press"—seem to have such short memories [regarding H-1B abuse].

I still have not found any news article that has had anything to positive to say about the president blocking the admission of foreign replacement workers.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the pandemic, the TVA has been replacing Americans with H-1B guestworkers. But you are not going to find any coverage of that outside of the local newspapers and Breitbart because reporting the facts would undermine the media's false narrative.

Concurrently, there is celebration in the Indian press that Joe Biden promises he will resume the flow of workers to replace Americans if elected. And putting his seemingly declining mental capabilities on display, Biden claimed H-1B workers built this country. The H-1B program was only created in 1990.

In short, both Big Media and Joe Biden support replacing American workers with foreign workers.