Trump Takes Steps to Protect American Workers

By John Miano on June 26, 2020

When you follow specific issues in the nation's conglomerate-controlled news media, distinct patterns emerge in which nearly identical articles appear within the space of a few weeks that use the same sources, make the same points, contain the same factual omissions, and differ only in the local faces (e.g., local immigration lawyers).

Earlier this year, it looked like a memo had been sent to the media to write stories about the Trump administration ending the rubber-stamping of H-1B visa petitions, instructing them to cite to activist Stuart Anderson, and directing them not to mention the rampant fraud in the H-1B program so that it would appear that the rejection of visas was due to the "anti-immigrant", "xenophobic", "racist" Donald Trump.

A few weeks ago it looked like a memo had been sent to the media to find DACA recipients working in healthcare to feature in stories about the Supreme Court's impending decision.

Right now, in the middle of the pandemic, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is in the process of replacing Americans with foreign guestworkers on H-1B visas. As with nearly every case of Americans getting the H-1Boot, the media has largely ignored it.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of the American public would find this practice abhorrent. Yet for decades, America has had presidents with such disdain for the American people that they all worked to make it easier to replace Americans with foreign workers.

But now there is a new sheriff in town. For the first time, a president has stood up for the American people against the oligarchs who would replace them using H-1B visas. Donald Trump issued a proclamation blocking the admission through the end of the year of these foreign workers that are used to replace Americans. The Americans at the TVA might get a temporary reprieve.

In doing so, President Trump has taken a step that all Americans — outside of the "let them eat cake crowd" of the billionaire class, immigration lawyers, college administrators, and their minions — can celebrate.

Yet, apparently another memo went out to the conglomerate-controlled media directing them how to report on this:

Of course there is no mention of the TVA or other facts that would get in way of the narrative.

If you think I am cherry-picking here, I have not found a single news article or editorial outside the alternative media that expressed any support for Trump protecting American workers, such as "Trump admin. putting American workers first".

Instead the public is served, "Tim Cook said he was 'deeply disappointed' by the news."

So what?

Donald Trump was elected because the voters thought he would stand up to oligarchs like Apple CEO Tim Cook, who line their pockets by consoling murderous communist dictators and stomping on working Americans. Besides, who thinks Tim Cook voted for Trump?

President Trump has shown he can do what he was elected to do.

President Trump can solidify his position among American workers by standing up to the Tim Cooks of the world. There is still a lot he can do. Let's hope that President Trump will brush aside the deep-state sympathizers in the White House and take more bold actions that benefit the general citizenry of the country.

For now, we can salute President Donald J. Trump for being the first president to take any steps to prevent Americans from being replaced by H-1B guestworkers.